Denise Blievert provides commercial, editoral and portrait photography with a focus on children and teens.

Her natural ability to connect with kids enable her to create an atmosphere of fun and magic while working.

Denise Blievert is a trained fashion designer and has worked for more than two decades in the fashion-, film- and music industry. She holds a master's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in political science.

While working as a fashion stylist in the music industry in New York for almost a decade, Ms. Blievert began to coordinate and accompany humanitarian missions which led her eventually to document the missions as a photographer. Her longstanding passion for journalism and conceptual photography has let her to persue a change in her career. 

Ms. Blievert has an extended amount of experience in the fields of art, fashion, photography and politics, which does provide her with a wide range of perspective and insight.